Sleep Journal

I’ve started counseling not too long ago, and one thing she asks me about constantly is how I’ve been sleeping. Which makes sense because I’ve never been friends with sleep. Or even gotten along. Sleep never listens to me, abandons me with no warning for weeks at a time, and is fickle even when around.

Because my memory for this sort of thing is as bad as my ability to sleep, a journal seemed appropriate. For the interest or possibly assistance of anyone else out there, I’ll be keeping track of it here.

Slept from 7:30ish am to 9 am and 3~4ish pm to 10 pm (~7.5 total)
Woke up once around 8:30 pm, but went back to sleep.

Context: Took a nap after work, but had to wake up for tea ceremony late that morning.

Things to fret about: I had some minor drama with a friend that was as yet unresolved, but I wasn’t thinking about it the last I remember before sleep or upon waking up, so I’m unsure if it kept me up. I also realized around the time I laid down that I’d lost about a thousand words of writing I’d done the previous night, but after telling myself off for carelessness and promising myself to rewrite it tonight (which I did), I stopped thinking about it. Unlikely to be an issue.

Further context: I’ve had issues sleeping the last few days previous to this, getting max three hours a sleep at a time, for one day getting only three hours before work.

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