On Perseverance

In August, I subbed my MS to PitchWars, crossing my fingers that it was good enough to attract the attention of mentors, and dreaming of agents loving it or going on to querying shortly thereafter.

Instead, I rewrote the MS in November. I had some good ideas for it. It was hard, but I ended up with a better book. I sent it to a new friend I made during PitchWars and crossed my fingers she would love it,  point out places to tighten it up, and then I could go on to querying after a while of polishing.

Instead, I started working on another new outline for it.

I don’t really have a happy ending for this story. It’s near the end of December, I haven’t finished that outline. I’m in the middle of writing a totally different outline with the same characters, same magic rules, but different situation. I hope this¬†outline works better than the reworking one that wasn’t reworking out right.

I’ve thought about throwing it in the trunk and focusing on the other WIP I’ve got in the fire. But what good is being able to finish drafts if I don’t have the perseverance to make it through the process of turning those drafts into good books? Each time, I’m happier with the book.

Eventually, I’ll be confident enough in it to actually start querying. And by that point, I’ll have learned a lot more about revising and how good books work that it won’t be such a struggle to complete the second book.

It’s worth it. And I can do it.