7x7x7 Challenge

I’ve been tagged by Andrea Contos to participate in the 7x7x7 Challenge. The game is to go to the 7th page of your current Work In Progress, scroll down to the 7th line, and post the following 7 lines. (You’re supposed to also tag 7 people, but there are only three 7s in the name of the game, so I’m using that as a loophole to not chain letter this thing.)

I’m pretty pleased that one of my favorite lines so far (it’s a baby WIP, only around 5k words as of posting) made it into this.

The dragon recoiled. Instead of a roar, he keened and pressed one front foot to his face, but left the other on Shion. She squirmed, keeping her face far from the claws, using the stone to try and lever his fingers off her chest.

She froze. Fingers? They did look like hands, she realized with a closer look. The claws were pulled back from the tips. Urgency hit her again. She could mull over the meaning of life and opposable thumbs on dragons if she lived past the next five minutes.

But the pause cost her. Her free arm got pinned down, and the teeth loomed close again.

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